We Continue to Serve

COVID-19 Customer Notice

We continue to serve.

Trust is at the heart of the matter. We wish to reassure all valued Lancaster Property Services customer’s that during this extremely difficult and stressful time, we are a business you can trust.

Our business continuity plan ensures the continuous 24/7 operation of the Lancaster team through all escalating coronavirus circumstances, providing South Australian’s with continued access to essential community plumbing, gasfitting, electrical, cleaning and building repair services.

Our comprehensive Coronavirus (COVID-19) company policy ensures all employees work safely and are educated, informed and updated on core recommendations outlined by the Australian Government and World Health Organisation; specifically regarding:
• An understanding of COVID-19
• How it spreads Incubation Period Prevention of contraction and/or spreading the virus including Hygiene Social Distancing
• Restricted Travel
• Symptoms and how to seek medical attention Identifying COVID-19
• Risk and Procedures required onsite

We work for you.
Working for you is the most important work we do each day. Our staff will diligently uphold social distancing practices and enhance our already strict hygiene measures to create a safe working environment including taking the below precautions:
• Using only non-physical greetings (i.e. not shaking hands)
• Washing hands frequently for at least 20 seconds with soap and water or using hand sanitizer; including before and after visiting sites
• Wearing personal protective equipment
• Opening windows to ensure open ventilation
• Ensuring customers do not enter the work space and maintain a 2 metre distance (4 square metre rule)
• Politely requesting the homeowner to keep children (under 18 years old) and elderly occupants (over 65 years old) more than four metres away from the work area
• Wiping down all surfaces thoroughly and leaving the site clean and tidy

Staff will NOT be permitted to work if they have displayed flu-like symptoms, traveled interstate or overseas in the last 14 days or been exposed to a suspected or confirmed case of coronavirus.

To protect the health and safety of our team we request all customers notify us (prior to our attendance) if you develop flu-like symptoms or have been advised to self-isolate by a health professional (including returning in the last 14 days from overseas / interstate or due to suspected exposure to the virus).

We’re here to help.
Our customer service team are here to assist with scheduling, answering questions and meeting all of your needs during this challenging time.

There are a number of important preventative maintenance requirements leading into the Winter season including gas heater services, gutter cleaning and roof inspections as well as an increase in emergency blocked drains and hot water issues. If you need assistance, we’re here to help.

Stay safe and look after one another.