Smoke Alarms Installation and Service

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Smoke Alarms

Fire is a leading cause of accidental death. Most fatal house fires are preventable. Let us keep your family, property and tenants safe from fire.

Lancasters smoke alarm safety service provides peace of mind that all smoke alarms at a property are operating correctly and the property is safe and compliant.

Get the protection you need with our smoke alarm safety service

Annual smoke alarm safety service at your property by trained technicians

Our comprehensive annual smoke alarm safety service ensures that each property is compliant with the smoke alarm legislation applicable in its state. That way, we can help keep occupants safe and ensure landlords and property managers are fulfilling their compliance obligations.

Servicing is carried out by specially trained technicians using our advanced technology to ensure the regulations applicable to South Australia are applied and the property’s compliance is assured.

Smoke Alarm testing

Each year, our smoke alarm service includes:

Safety check

A maintenance check on each alarm, including smoke, button and decibel tests

Battery replacement

Free replacement of smoke alarm batteries

Smoke alarm replacement

Replacing faulty or expired smoke alarms, including free callouts

Smoke alarm positioning

An assessment as to proper alarm positioning to ensure compliance 

Digitally recorded

Time/date and geo-located photos of each smoke alarm to provide enduring peace of mind

Compliance report

A Compliance Report that details the property’s compliance with all applicable smoke alarm legislation