Maximise the efficiency of your solar panels with our solar panel cleaning service


Solar Panel Inspection & Cleaning

Save money immediately by allowing your brightly cleaned solar panels to absorb more sunlight. Dust, rain, smog, bird droppings, and other factors cause your solar panels to become dirty and less efficient.

Solar panel cleaning is best left to the professionals—most solar panels are located on roofs or hard-to-reach places that require special equipment 

Our Equipment:

Have your panels sparkling clean by using our Deionised water fed pole system.

At lancasters we use pure (de-ionized) water which cleans effectively and leaves no residue behind.

Ultra-pure water has no dissolved solids, and therefore readily dissolves dirt and grease from the surfaces of solar panels. It also dries completely spot-free, leaving no marks behind. Pure water is a proven technology, and has been used for window cleaning for more than a decade to leave a spot-free, smear-free finish.

Using water-fed poles, it’s possible to clean to a distance of 20 metres without the need for work atheight or any special access equipment. A soft-bristled brush is used to lightly lift the dirt from the panel, at the same time jets of Pure water rinse the surface clean.

We use specific techniques to minimise water use –  our cleaning system will have your solar panels operating at their maximum capacity in no time.


Safety: We take Safety and the Protection of the Environment very seriously.  All our staff are HSE compliant and have all necessary training – Working at Heights, Fall Arrest Systems, and Senior First Aid, to name a few.

We are fully insured with Workers Compensation and Public Liability Insurance. All our products are 100% environmentally friendly.

Keeping your solar panels clean maximises their efficiency making the cost of cleaning economical and worthwhile.

While solar panel cleaning in Australia is relatively new, in other parts of the world solar panel cleaning has been around for a long time.  Early adopters of the technology soon realised that if their solar panels were not cleaned regularly, they would not run at their optimum performance.


Our Service Includes:



1. Clean the solar panels to remove any debris, fungus and dirt




2. Perform a preventative maintenance inspection on your system which includes:



Preventative Maintenance Inspection includes


Checks for accumulation of dirt, fungus, debris around panels.


Checks for moisture penetration inside the panels.


Check mechanical integrity of conduit & cables.


Check seals, connections & cables.


Checks for shading.


Checks for fractures, discolouration, corrosion.


Check for corrosion.


Why clean solar panels?

Allowing Solar Panels to become dirty can greatly diminish your Solar Power output.  If Solar Panels are never cleaned you lose a significant amount of power.   Because Solar Panels are similar to the windows on a car or house, they get dirty very quickly. This dirt decreases the efficiency of your Solar Panels by blocking sunlight from being absorbed into the panel — therefore, less energy is collected for use in your home or for sale to the Electricity company.  In some instances, debris like bird droppings can block all light from your solar panel rendering portions of the panel useless.  In fact, studies have shown that even a small amount of dirt, clouding or soiling on your solar panels can decrease their efficiency by up to 30%.

Unfortunately, rain or simply spraying your Panels with water from a garden hose will not effectively clean them.  They need more than a simple rinse or water spray, they need a more substantial cleaning.  They are exposed to the elements and the outdoor environment everyday, so regularly cleaning your Solar Panels is extremely important to maximise their efficiency and life.


What are the benefits of Cleaning solar panels?

  • – Save you money
  • – Increase your output
  • – Keep in warranty requirements
  • – Get longer life of installation
  • – Help you to make the most of the government feed-in tariff

How Will Solar Panel Cleaning Protect Your Warranty?

Have you checked your Solar Panel Warranty?  Most solar panel manufacturers include regular solar panel cleaning as a requirement under the warranty.

Often the period recommended is 6 months, but this is a generalized view that takes no account of whether you live near an industrial estate or in a pristine mountain environment.

Water Use

How much water do you use?

We use specific techniques to minimise water use –  our cleaning system will have your solar panels operating at their maximum capacity in no time.

  • – 100% environmentally friendly products
  • – Chemical free Detergent
  • – Minimum water usage
  • – Won’t affect your rainwater supply