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Hot Water Heater Repair Adelaide Hills

If you’re not getting any hot water or if your water temperature is inconsistent, your water heater has failed and requires attention from a plumber. An electrical or gas fault is the most common cause of any hot water shortage, with our registered technicians providing prompt water heater repairs in Melbourne to ensure you can get back to enjoying your home in convenience and comfort.

Leaking hot water?
If hot water is leaking from your hot water service unit, you may have a burst internal cylinder or a leaking pressure relief valve. Our professional plumbers can easily fix or replace leaking hot water units, allowing your family to get back to enjoying having hot water on tap in your home.

Give us a call and we will repair your gas, electric or solar hot water units right away.

Running out of water?

Are you running out of hot water while taking a shower or washing your dishes? This is a sign that your hot water unit is undersized for your requirements, which may have happened if the previous residents used less water than you and therefore had a smaller system installed. Ensure your entire family can enjoy hot water throughout the day by calling on our services. Adelaides locals can rely on our experienced technicians to advise you on the best hot water system for your needs. We supply, install and service all the leading brands including Rinnai,
Rheem, Aquamax, Bosch, Vulcan, Douglas & Co, Everhot, Everlast and Dux.

Hot Water Service SPECIAL $149

Service Includes
  • Carry out annual service as per manufacturers recommendations
  • Date of Manufacture recorded
  • Visually inspect hot water service and pipe work for correct operation
  • Ensure correct operation of gas burner or electric element and the thermostat
  • Check burner pressure, temperature and thermocouple where required
  • Inspect weather protection seals on the storage tank
  • Test gas pressure and isolation valves
  • Clean internal components
  • Inspect and test heat pump or solar panels (if required)
  • Relite pilot where required and test hot water service

Terms and Conditions

  • Price includes GST
  • Customer must mention this special at the time of booking to access this price. 
  • Not to be used in conjunction with any other discount, offer, voucher or special promotion (including the Entertainment Book, Seniors Discount and Club Memberships). 
  • The standard hot water service is based on the heater being in good working order and includes a maximum of 1 hour on site. 
  • Hot water systems that are not operational or require repairs will incur a further charge. The standard $149 inc GST will still apply; a quote for additional labour or materials to repair or replace the hot water system will be provided. 
  • Valid till December 31st 2020