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Installation, Repairs, upgrades and service

The switchboard in your home is often referred to as the ‘central hub’ of electricity and for good reason. The purpose of your switchboard is to distribute the power from your electricity provider through the many circuits in your home that power your lights, outlets, appliances, air-conditioning and pool. All of the power in your home can be shut off and on via your electrical switchboard. 

Sometimes called a fuse box, meter box, breaker box or electrical box, when you understand the important job your switchboard has,  you realise how critical it is to keep it safe and compliant.

Switchboard Upgrades

Do you have old ceramic fuses and an asbestos switchboard? If so, you 100% need a switchboard upgrade from one of our electricians.

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From switchboard upgrades, to rewiring and lighting – whatever your electrical upgrade, repair or installation needs, Our Team is ready to help. Our total focus is on providing customers the fastest, most affordable and best possible electrical service.