Chimney and Flue Cleaning

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Keep your chimneys free of soot using an experienced chimney sweep

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Chimney and Flue Cleaning

Keep your family, home, or investment property safe with an annual chimney sweep and inspection.

At Lancasters Property services we provide year-round support for your chimney, fireplace or stove. We specialise in all types of chimney work, including cleaning chimneys, removing chimneys and fire boxes, and general maintenance and repair.

Blocked chimneys can cause chimney fires or carbon monoxide to build up in your home, so an annual inspection and clean is essential to ensure your safety and to meet household insurance requirements.


Your chimney and flue will be serviced by a fully insured, qualified, experienced and accredited member of the Australian Home Heating Association Inc. (AHHA), so you can be assured that all work will be carried out to the highest industry standards.

Every fireplace is given a full clean, inspection and service using specialty chimney cleaning brushes and industrial dust control vacuum system.  

Smoke Alarm testing

Our chimney cleaning service includes:

A Full clean

  • Clean the flue
  • Clean out the fire box
  • Clean the glass
  • Clean and check fans where fitted

Smoke alarm test & check

  • Check for Carbon Monoxide detector
  • Check for smoke detector
  • Test Smoke alarm

Digital service report

  • A service report that includes photos  

Visual safety check

  • Check and document the inside of the wood heater for damage including the firebox itself
  • Check the flue is firm and safe to use
  • Check the weather cowl is firm
  • Check the surrounding roof condition / Damage
  • Check door seals
  • Check glass seals
  • Adjust and lubricate as required airslides and door handle


That’s right! For only $149* we will offer a full chimney sweep and flue inspection.

​If you happen to have more then one chimney that you would like to be cleaned, give us a call and we will work out a discount off the final bill.  
*For a limited time only – Single story, free standing combustion heaters within a certain distance. Price Is Ex GST